‘Contemporary realism in sun-drenched lighting’


Forest Reflection IV

Forest Reflection II


Marcel van Hoef
Painter of time and space

“The paintings of Marcel van Hoef are reminiscent of a dream world with an unreal ambience. A dream world whereby introspection is an important element. As if the soul is reflected in nature, in the meandering lines, in the repeated shapes of the numerous leaves, in the unfathomable depth of the pond. All irrelevant finery has been omitted in favour of the essence: equality with nature and a huge silence, almost resignation.

Marcel van Hoef holds a mirror up to us and presents not only his own personal interpretation of nature, but also confronts us with our own innermost feelings and thereby touches a sensitive chord with us. If art can achieve this, it represents a successful symbiosis between art and life. Wonderland, the artist’s dream world, helps us to understand the riddle of “ordinary” life”.

Edwin Becker – Chief Curator of Exhibitions Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam                               (source: preface book and solo-exhibition Wonderland 2019)

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