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Arts & Crafts and Biennale Roermond - Month of the Mystique - cancelled. 
Two major exhibitions that would take place in May / June are cancelled due to theCorona crisis and are postponed to 2021. This year no Arts & Crafts exhibition at our home and also the first edition of the Biennale Roermond - Month of the Mystique - where  a special project (in collaboration with musician Dominique Vleeshouwers) was scheduled at one of the main locations has been cancelled. 

Private view in my studio 
So no exhibitions in short term, but it is certainly possible to come and see my paintings! Pictures of my latest and all available paintings are visible on my website under the button 'work'. In the coming months I will update the overview everytime I have completed new paintings. If you are interested and want to see them inreal life, I would like to invite you for an exclusive private visit to my Studio.This can be done safely in full compliance with the guidelines of the RIVM. Pleasecontact me by e-mail to make an appointment. You're welcome!

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